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Tom Brady’s Training Camp Absence Is Excused, Allowed by Bucs

Tom Brady has been excused from Buccaneers training camp through Tampa Bay’s second preseason game at Tennessee on Aug. 20.

The news broke earlier this week when Brady was absent from Buccaneers’ practice and coach Todd Bowles said that Brady would be away from the team for “personal reasons.”

“This is something we talked about before training camp started. We allotted this time because he wanted to get in and get chemistry with the guys and go through two weeks of training camp. Knowing he wasn’t going to play the first two games, he didn’t want to take away reps from Blaine [Gabbart] and Kyle [Trask], as well as Griff [Ryan Griffin], as far as going into these next two games. It’s something that he needs to handle. We trust him,” Bowles added.

The scheduled absence doesn’t have anything to do with Brady or his family members’ health, according to Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times. Instead, it has to do with what Brady and his family agreed to before he decided to return for his age 45 season. 

Taking time off during training camp when he knew he would not be playing in the first two preseason games was apparently all part of the plan, as he tries to juggle family time and football time ahead of his 23rd NFL season.

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