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Jeanie Buss Describes ‘Weirdest’ Lakers Game Memory, Featuring O.J. Simpson

While making an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!Lakers owner Jeanie Buss was asked what the weirdest thing that has happened at a Lakers game that she has attended. Naturally, celebrities in attendance for games in Los Angeles are a given, but her story involved someone a little more notorious. 

Buss told the story of the time former NFL running back O.J. Simpson came to a Lakers game after he was acquitted for the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson, who was his ex-wife, and Ronald Goldman. The decision was met with controversy at the time. 

“He was coming to a game and I had to talk to the staff and say, ‘You know what, he’s like anybody else who has a ticket,” Buss said. “We have to show him, you know, respect and, you know, make sure he’s treated like any other paying guest.’”

However, Simpson didn’t abide by the rules. He illegally parked at The Forum, the former home of the Lakers, and his car was towed, according to Buss. 

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“You just can’t get away with everything,” she said. 

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