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Fight Breaks Out at Patriots-Panthers Joint Practice

It appears tension got the best of the Patriots and Panthers on their first day of joint practice.

A video surfaced showing New England and Carolina players getting into a fight on the practice field Tuesday in Foxboro. Players and personnel from both teams ran into the pile during the fight, and one player seems to have thrown punches. 

According to NBC Sports Boston’s Phil Perry, the scuffle started when Patriots receiver Kristian Wilkerson ran a route and ended up on the Panthers’ sideline. A Carolina coach reportedly shoved Wilkerson, and the receiver “whipped his head back and said something.” 

The fight ensued, and New England wideout Kendrick Bourne threw punches, per NBC Sport’s Tom E. Curran. After the dust settled, Wilkerson, Bourne and Carolina safety Kenny Robinson were kicked out of the practice, according to ESPN’s Mike Reiss. 

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Another scuffle reportedly emerged moments after the initial melee, this time involving Patriots center James Ferentz and Carolina defensive tackle Phil Hoskins, per Reiss. Both players were ejected from practice.  

Joint practice between the two teams will run until Wednesday. If Tuesday was any sign of what’s to come, their next practice may be just as heated and competitive. 

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