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Fan Receives ‘Haircut’ During Yankees-Rays Game

The Yankees are in the middle of a rough patch in the 2022 season, despite still being on top of the American League East standings.

The team has lost 11 of their last 13 games and have only scored nine runs in the last seven games.

It’s getting to the point of the season in which Yankees fans need to be distracted during some of the games, especially when the team is losing.

On Tuesday night vs. the Rays when the Yankees were losing 3–1 in the bottom of the eighth inning, the camera panned to the crowd to find some fans not really paying much attention to the game.

So, what were the specific fans doing instead of watching the game? Giving out haircuts. 

The bleacher haircut appeared poised to be somewhat professionally done, though, based on the tools being used. The hairdresser had a comb and a spray water bottle to work on the fan’s haircut. The fan receiving the haircut even had a salon gown on. It seemed like the hairdresser planned to give out a haircut during the game.

It’s unknown how many fans partook in the barbershop at Yankee Stadium. But, the video is telling for how Yankees fans are feeling at this point of the season.

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