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Former Giants Wide Receiver Says He ‘Feels Bad’ For Daniel Jones

Daniel Jones will enter his fourth season as the starting quarterback for the Giants in 2022.

The former No. 6 pick hasn’t led the team to a strong season yet, only going 12–25 in three previous seasons when he starts.

Former Giants wide receiver Golden Tate, who played under Jones for two seasons before retiring, recently talked about the quarterback and said provided reasons for why he thinks the 25-year-old hasn’t been given a fair chance.

“I honestly feel bad for Daniel,” Tate said, via NJ Advance Media. “He was drafted into a rebuilding organization for one, had Pat Shurmur for a year and then got Joe Judge for two years, now another head coach and another rebuild going into his fourth season. He hasn’t had Saquon [Barkley], myself, [Kenny] Golladay, Sterling [Shepard]. No one is ever on the field at the same time.”

“And then on top of that, he had [Jason] Garrett [as his offensive coordinator] and that probably didn’t help much. So you kind of feel bad for him because a ton of talent. He has a lot of talent, but he just hasn’t had much help due to injuries and how they set it up.”

Tate thinks Jones has potential to help the Giants to a stronger season if all of those pieces he mentioned fell into place at the same time, which, as NFL fans know, did not happen.

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The former wide receiver did think newly hired Giants coach Brian Daboll will be a good leader for Jones by allowing him to show off more of his talent on the field.

“I’m looking forward to [them] just letting him loose, man,” Tate said. “Just let him go out there and play ball. He’s a smart guy. He’s going to make good decisions. But you’ve got to set him up to be successful. And I’m just hoping that those guys rally, because this is the one thing I know about DJ: He’s going to be prepared. He’s going to be prepared, and he’s going to follow what you want him to do. But let him play ball, too. Let him play ball. Get the ball to your playmakers and let them go.”

Eli Manning, Jones’ predecessor, recently agreed with this idea, stating on Daboll’s hiring that “hopefully this can be the right” coach for Jones.

Jones will become a free agent in 2023 after the Giants declined the quarterback’s fifth-year option.

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