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Aqib Talib’s Lawyer Releases Statement on Fatal Youth Football Shooting

After Yaqub Talib turned himself in to the Dallas County Jail for questioning Monday following a deadly shooting, former NFL cornerback Aqib Talib’s lawyer released a statement regarding his involvement in the incident that occurred Saturday in Lancaster, Texas. 

Aqib is the younger brother of Yaqub Talib. 

“Aqib was present when this unfortunate incident occurred and is very distraught and devastated over this terrible loss of life,” the lawyer told TMZ Sports. “He would like to convey his condolences to the family of the victim and to everyone who witnessed this unfortunate tragedy.”

In a video obtained by TMZ, several coaches and referees can be seen arguing after a youth football game when things turned violent and a gun was pulled, resulting in the death of Dragons Elite Academy coach Mike Hickmon, according to Fox 4 News Dallas-Fort Worth. Aqib can be seen in the video, but he didn’t appear to be involved in any of the violence. 

Witnesses told ESPN that Yaqub was seen taking out a gun before shooting Hickmon multiple times. Family and friends said the shooting happened in front of several children, including Hickmon’s 9-year-old son. Heith Mayes was coaching alongside Hickmon when they said the opposing team’s parents and coaches became angry.

“They were upset about losing. Dude came on the sideline and said [he] was going to punch the ref, so the ref called the game,” Mayes said, per Fox 4. 

Dragons president Mike Freeman said the dispute began when Hickmon went to pick up a football, and someone kicked it away, according to ESPN

Yaqub Talib is expected to face murder charges.