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Aaron Rodgers Shows Off His Replica of Nicolas Cage’s Head in Locker

Every now and again reporters have come across some strange—and sometimes fun—items in a player’s locker. But the bust of an actor’s head has to be a first. 

Aaron Rodgers showed off a replica of Nicolas Cage’s head to reporters Tuesday and seemed mighty pleased with himself when showcasing the random piece of art. Yes, there is a connection between the Packers quarterback and the National Treasure star. 

When Rodgers arrived for the first day of training camp on July 26, a video of him walking into the facility went viral because of his new look that was eerily similar to Cage’s wardrobe and hairstyle in the movie Con-Air

Rodgers showed up to his first day of work in boots, jeans, a tank top and appeared like he hadn’t gotten a haircut in months along with a full beard. Since then, he has cleaned up a bit but it looks like he’s fully embracing the comparison. 

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The star quarterback said “somebody just sent this to me yesterday with no message,” so the gift is from a nameless admirer. 

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